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SHIP OF DREAMS: Titanic Movie Diaries

Actors cast in James Cameron's TITANIC read from diaries they wrote 25 years ago and tell untold stories from their time on set alongside Titanic Superfans who share their passion for everything from the history of the ship to collecting and replicating props and costumes from the film..


Available for a limited time on Vimeo

Directed by Alexandra Boyd, produced by Alexandra Boyd, Elizabeth Yng-Wong and Nick Loren

Starring Rebecca Klingler, Mark Capri, Liam Tuohy, Linda Kerns, Amy Gaipa, Judy Prestininzi, Ellen H. Mower O'Brien, Nelson Aspen, Kris Andersson and Alexandra Boyd


Eve's husband has been killed on Afghanistan. She takes her young son, Noah, to a remote Suffolk beach house to grieve. But someone else is in the house grieving her loss from another war...


Available on Amazon Prime Video

Widow's Walk is the debut feature of  Alexandra Boyd, produced by Matt Flanders, Mike Myshko, Dan Milne and Bronwyn Cornelius.


In 1919, a young boxer has survived The Great War and fights in a match he must win at all costs.


Written and directed by Alexandra Boyd, produced by Rebecca Ioannou shot by Kit Fraser 

Starring Matt Casey, Peter Law and Jim MacDonnell, this 8 minute short film describes some of the themes of THE WILDERNESS.


Boxer On The Wilderness screened at 15 international festivals, winning the Mention d'Honneur at FICTS in Milan and was nominated for Best Cinematography (British Independent FF), Best Short (East End FF) and Best Producers (Underwire)

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